Tackling climate change and assuring a sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply are high Community priorities. In fact, inefficient energy production and use lead to emissions of increasing air pollutants, contributing heavily to climate change, health damage and ultimately worsened quality of urban life. Moreover, dependence on primary energy sources leads to exorbitant energy prices, which is a major obstacle to reducing energy costs, an absolute must in the present and also  foreseeable economic situation. 
The overall aim of the project is to improve, by means of interregional cooperation, the effectiveness of regional development policies in the area of energy as well as to contribute to economic modernisation and increased competitiveness of Europe by turning urban spaces from energy consumers into energy producers. This project will bring the community added value by developing a new and innovative approach and solutions in the field of energy at local and regional level.
The specific objective is to develop an integrated framework for improving energy efficiency and the optimal utilisation of RES by offering an innovative model for creating sustainable energy efficient urban environments.