Key building blocks of interregional cooperation are the ENERGY LABS with a novel approach to stakeholder engagement that combine policy making and business development to address local gaps and needs and develop sustainable solutions for optimal policy making. and 3 CASE STUDIES (linked to pillars) lead by public authorities.
The 3 Case Studies and the Energy Labs focus on learning through analyzing, transferring good practices in an integrative cooperation and the most tangible results of RENERGY achieved through this context include:
  • Stronger commitment to the Covenant of Mayors of public authorities and local energy entities among the territorial communities
  • An interregional network which operates after project lifetime as a demonstration and reference tool fostered by the Energy Labs activities
In order to make sure that the energy labs contribute to fulfillment for the overall aim of the project is it important to get a common understanding of the energy lab process and the case studies. 
Three energy labs per partner will be organised with the following purposes:
Energy Labs N.1: Help to identify gaps and needs at regional level (build up knowledge)
Energy Lab N. 2: Discuss the case studies (share knowledge)
Energy Lab N.3: Maximize the transfer of knowledge for the regional implementation plans and policy recommendations (discuss knowledge)
case study 1   case study 2   case study 3 
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